My name is Yee, I am 23 years old and was born in a town just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

I work as a software developer and have dreams of working in the arts.

I am also a musician. Have been playing violin since I was 7, piano and guitar since I was 12 and singing since I was 2 (according to my mother the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme may have been sang a lot at that time). I also dabble in other instruments such as ukulele sometimes.

From the ages of 14-18 I went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (then known as the RSAMD) to study violin and piano with plans of continuing there for my music degree.

After that, I ended up deciding to study Computer Science at University and got my honours degree, then proceeding to work in software development immediately after.

I am also a member of the 501st Legion UK Garrison under the ID TK-18238. This is an all-volunteer organisation appearing as Star Wars characters at charitable or promotional events to raise money for various charities around the world.

So this is me.